How to Increase Your Odds of Success With Cancer

There are many simple lifestyle changes you can make to help the body fight cancer but unfortunately no one will tell you about them. When dealing with cancer it is essential to get involved and find the reasons why it first grew which is easy to do. By removing those reasons it will automatically improve your odds of success of surviving the disease.,Cancer today is well understood, there is no mystery to the disease and all cancers appear for a reason. It is not caused by bad genes or something beyond our control. It appeared because of a weakened immune system, our built in repair system that keeps us healthy, which didn’t stop normal body cells from mutating and becoming cancerous. There are many changes you can make to help rid the body of any of these unwanted growths and especially to stop it spreading. To survive cancer it’s important to make these changes.,It is well known that what you eat can have a profound effect on strengthening the immune system. I know people don’t want to change the food they eat, they just want to take a pill but unfortunately that approach doesn’t work with degenerative diseases such as cancer. There are many changes you can make to the way you live and especially the food you choose to eat which will increase your odds of success in overcoming the disease.,How did we ever believe that when someone is diagnosed with cancer, there are only three ways to treat it? Not only are these ways toxic to the human body and causing harm, they are not even effective. The cancer industry is built on the foundation of just treating the symptoms while doing virtually nothing to treat the actual cause of the problem which is far more important.,Our orthodox medical system is extremely powerful, has virtually no competition which is dangerous for the user, and because of the vast amounts of money spends on advertising their drugs, has a huge control over the media. Today we are being educated about cancer from television and newspapers so be wary. Many of the facts about the disease we hear or read are not true and we are paying the price with our lives.,For instance dealing with only the symptom which is the cancer growths themselves is often of little help if it’s only going to return again. The growth is only a symptom and not the problem and the only way to fix the problem is to deal with the initial cause or the reason why cancer first appeared. To do this, all you need is knowledge and it does make a difference.,Healthy people don’t get cancer because healthy people eat mainly fresh food including raw food; they drink water to hydrate the body. They get adequate amounts of sunshine for the important vitamin D we need and they get plenty of exercise, rest and fresh air. These are called the necessities of life and will solve any problem caused by a degenerative disease. Remember the human body has amazing powers of restoration but it needs your help.,Another fact you won’t be told, it is vitally important for cancer patients to limit their refined sugar intake as cancer cells create energy to grow and spread by fermenting sugar. This fact has been known for over 80 years yet our doctors today are ignorant of this. Also the chemicals that are in circulation nowadays are not well regulated and many of them are causing us harm.,The solution is to change the factors that led to the cancer in the first place. In the long term it’s the only thing that really works.