How Can I Get 6 Pack Abs Quickly And Naturally?

What forum, what article, what supplement and what eBook does not talk about this? We all want to know how to get a 6 pack of abs for the summer. Am I right? Is it that hard? Honestly it is. It is not just as simple as taking a pill. But it is also not as grueling as doing 1000 crunches a day.,What I’m talking about is… the less body fat you have, the more visible a muscle becomes. This means, if you incorporate some ab work to build the muscles up a bit and then have a low enough percentage of body fat, you now have a 6 pack or 8 pack of abdominal muscles showing!,Getting a six pack is only as simple as working your abs in a normal fashion (maybe 2x a week) and having a diet that boosts your metabolism to help you burn fat.,You start by losing body fat. The less fat you have, the less there is between the muscle layer and the skin. Things start to show up when the middle layer (fat) starts to disappear.,This is not just my opinion. Getting a six pack of abs is more about nutrition and cardio then it is about ab exercises.,And then, how much protein do I need every day?,The secret to figuring out how much protein you need is not by just taking some number you found like 30g and apply it to yourself. If everybody had the same needs we would all be the same. And we both know that just isn’t true. Each person is slightly different.,Let me explain. We’ve all heard that a person can only digest 25-30g of protein in one sitting. B.S.!,Just think about it. Does an IFBB professional bodybuilder intake the same amount of protein as the guy who is 135 lbs just starting out? Even if there is a 200 lb weight difference?,The answer might shock you. NO,Needless to say, so many people just take some number, multiply that by their body weight and that is what they think they need a day. Tell me, if a person is 35% body fat, should they use their weight or their lean weight to figure out how much protein they need?,Simple. Lean weight. Your daily protein requirements are based on your lean body weight. And how do you figure out your lean body weight?