True Cures For Cancer Means Treating the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

Our treatments today for cancer solely focus on removing growths and we all know that doesn’t necessary mean a cure will follow. The reasons being the growths are only a symptom and the problem lies somewhere else. A cancer growth is a sign that something is wrong with the body and it’s this something you need to deal with. Treating the cause will eliminate cancer from the body forever.,Conventional treatments for cancer now days with their life threatening side effects are a search and destroy mission with little thought about the damage to the human body. There is no point in removing cancer growths if they are only going to come back again in a more sinister form. That’s why to successfully cure the body of cancer it is far more important to deal with the factors that caused it in the first place.,Western medicine which is our hospitals and doctors who rely on drugs and surgery is superb in dealing with acute medical conditions such as traumatic injury like accidents. But there is no question that alternatives or natural treatments work much better for chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer. Surgery and drugs is a money orientated system but no one can profit from natural treatments because nature cannot be patented. That’s why you won’t be offered it.,Natural treatments work by assisting the body to heal itself. With cancer, ultimately it’s going to be your immune system that will cure you. Cancer, no matter where it appears is a disease of the whole body and a tumour is just a symptom of that disease. You must treat the person who has the cancer, not the growths or the tumour alone and you do that through nutrition and other simple lifestyle changes. Correcting the diet is crucial for everyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer.,Belief is also a very important element in obtaining a cure for cancer. One needs to be told that he or she can get well. Oncologists destroy people these days by telling them they only have 6 months to live or worse. When a patient hears this they give up. Doctors can’t heal, it’s only your body that can truly heal but doctors need to support patients with positive beliefs. Believing that you can be cured is called “the placebo effect,” that is having it instilled in your mind, and is a fundamental element in all healing of cancer.,Treating the cause means your food must be as fresh as possible as nature alone produces the perfect food for man. Also you need to exercise regularly and the easiest way is to find an exercise you enjoy. Just walking or aerobics are fine. Chemicals as well need to be looked at as they also contribute to the many cancers we get today. There are said to be over 70,000 chemicals in use now days and many of them are in the homes we live in.,To successfully overcome cancer one must deal with the cause rather than only the obvious symptoms as with our current way of treating it. We must never forget that our main weapon against cancer is our own body; that is the immune system. The human body is a wonderful self-healing organism when it has the right environment and only you can provide that. The cure has to come from within.,There is plenty of evidence to say there are no short cuts to regaining your health and that just taking a pill or having a treatment rarely works. At best it’s only a temporary relief.