Fairfax Back Pain Helped Naturally Through Chiropractic and Rehab Therapy

Fairfax chiropractor, Dr. Shirine Hegazi, focuses on ensuring that his back pain patients receive the best treatment possible. To that end, he utilizes various techniques and approaches, including chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation services. His primary goal for each back pain patient is to help him or her individually find relief and improve their quality of life.,Back Pain and Car Accidents,Back pain associated with trauma, such as a car accident, can be especially challenging to treat as the patient has often endured a violent, jarring situation that has ripped muscles, compromised discs and irritated nerves. Sometimes the back pain is severe and often, even though it may be greatly lessened through the use of one type of treatment, it can become a minor but daily occurrence that is frustrating and difficult to eradicate.,Even a relatively minor rear end fender bender can result in ongoing pain that’s difficult to mediate and eradicate. The Fairfax chiropractor, Dr. Shirine Hegazi, has found that in combining and coordinating chiropractic, rehab and soft tissue therapies that he can greatly reduce ongoing patient problems.,Effective Combination of Therapies,In effectively combining therapies, Dr. Hegazi has discovered that he can eliminate back pain by stimulating healing on various levels, encouraging the body to heal itself and to become stronger. Each of the methods is totally natural, which means that the body is able to work towards complete healing without invasive measures.,This combination is especially useful with back injuries caused by automobile mishap due to the fact that these injuries can often include pain that will change with time and even travel to different parts of the back. It’s important for those who have been in a vehicle accident be evaluated thoroughly prior to settling any insurance claims. That’s because the extent of back injuries and the pain associated with them may not be clear for some time after the accident.,Total Natural Approach,The use of natural therapies that are focused on preventing long-term back pain can help those who have been injured in a traffic accident get back to living a normal life and enjoying various activities. Left untreated or if not treated in a timely manner this pain can become debilitating, greatly compromising a person’s ability to work, engage in sports and outdoor activities and simply enjoy life.