Build Big Muscles with Weight Training

One of the best exercises that you can do to put on more muscle is weight training. There are different ways to do weight lifting, you can use heavy weights that are free like dumbbells, also you can use machines to apply the weight you want for the exercise or use the weight of your own body to do the exercise.,Of course you want best results in least time, right? If yes so you should not focus too much on machines and bodyweight in your exercises because both of them don’t train as much muscle fibers as free weight lifting. Yes machines and bodyweight lifting are good and will give you some results but as I said we need the best results in the least time.,When you use a machine you will cancel the work of the muscles that stabilize the body during the movement that’s why using machines has less effect. They have a limited range for the movements which make the main muscle don’t need the help of any other muscles which are called stabilizers.,Is that mean that you don’t use machines? Of course not, use them but use them wisely. You may ask how is wisely should be, well you can use them to train a specific area that you feel that it is not well stressed on.,Go easy on yourself especially if you are a beginner, do some bodyweight workouts, use machines and do free weight lifting at the same time. Gradually reduce the bodyweight type of exercises and increase free weight training as it is the one we want to focus on.,Why train one group of muscles when you can train more than one at the same time doing one exercise. Focus on exercises that target multi-joint movements, this will involve more than only one muscle group in the exercise, which of course give better faster results.,If you feel losing energy and don’t want to train a lot so focus on multi-joint movement, this is the last type that you can think of cancelling from your program.,You may find it easier to use light weights and do more reps, but you should use heavy weights during your training. You can call a weight heavy when you can do about ten reps as a maximum.,Give your muscles time to grow and don’t over-train or you will harm your muscles. Eat a balanced diet which contain enough amount of protein especially animal protein.,Drink enough water daily. Drink water before, during and after training. This is very important to help muscle gaining.,Be patient and don’t give up, believe me with time you will achieve some results then you will get better and better.