Prozac to Treat Arthritis

Depression is not just feeling sad and unmotivated. It has many physical effects that can be confused with other disorders such as arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia.,I am a 40 years old Hispanic male, and I was misdiagnosed with a “unknown type of arthritis” when I was 23 years old. During the first few years I was taking ibuprofen, and icy-hot for my joint pain. I was prescribed celebrex 200 mg when ibuprofen wasn’t working anymore. After 5 years on celebrex, my hematologist added plaquenil 200 mg and occasional cortisone shots when pain was too much.,Plaquenil is a nasty drug with lots of side effects such as causing glaucoma, photo sensitivity and skin rashes. I never had any problems with celebrex, but cortisone shots caused me to gain weight. My arthritis symptoms were getting worse every year. I was used to be in pain everyday, but fatigue was almost unbearable.,My wife died in 2008 and I ended up seeing a my general physician to treat me for insomnia. He prescribed me Cymbaltta for depression, but i refused to admit i was depressed, never got my prescription filled. I became very emotionally sensitive, and that caused a lot of problems with my parents. I used to think about suicide all the time but never said anything anyone. Life was very difficult and painful.,In 2011 my was prescribed prozac 20 mg, and this time i got my prescription filled. During the first week i had weird headaches that almost made me quit taking prozac, but those headaches went away after the second week. After the third week i notice i was in a better mood and my joints were not hurting as much. i stopped taking plaquenil to see what happens, and my joints kept getting better and celebrex was reduced to once a day. Fatigue was almost gone, and i was able to be a lot more productive and got things done a lot quicker.,Prozac was a miracle drug for me, and I wonder if I was misdiagnosed with arthritis. I believe now that I lived many years of depression and that caused all my arthritis like pain and fatigue. I am not saying prozac works for everyone, but hopefully read my story and talk to your doctor. I only take prozac 20 mg and glucosamine supplements. I live with almost no pain, and have energy to work and play with my son.