Terpene Infused CBD Crystals: Some frequently asked questions

With deregulation and increased interest, the CBD industry has seen a remarkable explosion in ingenuity over recent years. Terpene infused CBD crystals have developed into one of the leading CBD products around today. For those just getting started with CBD, concentrates may seem like something left to the enthusiasts, but CBD crystals can supply some wonderful physical and mental benefits when infused with all-natural terpene profiles.,When it comes to CBD, quality matters. The way that your CBD has been extracted will have a huge impact on your experience with the compound. A 100% hemp extract that uses CO2 extraction will ensure that all of those delightful terpenes make their way into your CBD and imbue your experience with the life-changing aromatherapeutic benefits.,What are terpenes?,Terpenes are a huge part of the natural world, giving plants, fruits and herbs their aromas and tastes. There are over 20,000 different terpenes and if you’ve ever peeled an orange before, you’ll have encountered pungency of terpenes. While they may have gorgeous tastes and smells, terpenes have also been shown to provide unique medicinal benefits. Most people overlook terpenes, choosing instead to focus on CBD and THC. But the standard of terpene in your CBD product can have an incredible impact on the quality of your CBD experience. While many may not have heard of terpenes, the growth in the CBD industry has caused an increase in interest.,When CBD has been filtered or distilled and then purified by 99%, the average hemp enthusiast would make the understandable mistake of thinking that as a positive. In fact, a 99% purity removes terpenes from the CBD and results in a tasteless and odourless product. When you have those wonderful terpenes missing, the desired ‘entourage’ effect won’t materialise to nearly the same degree. Some studies have even shown that 50% CBD extract is even more effective than 99% CBD.,What is the entourage effect?,The entourage effect was created by a prominent CBD researcher name Raphael Mechoulam. The term was used to describe the relationship between cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids. Terpenes have been found to obstruct certain cannabinoid receptors, all while helping cannabinoids bind. Due to this, terpenes play a direct role in how CBD is used in our endocannabinoid systems. If you don’t have the best terpenes in your CBD, your CBD isn’t going to be as effective. With that in mind, terpene infused crystals are the perfect solution.,What is in terpene infused CBD crystals?,Companies such as HighKind prioritise high-quality methods of extraction to ensure that these terpenes are the best they can be. When CBD crystals are created, the concentrate and terpene profiles are specifically designed to copy the effects and flavour of the strains they were based on. These CBD crystals are also non-psychoactive and contain 0% THC.,What are the effects fo CBD crystals?,As CBD is entirely non-psychoactive, crystals don’t cause you to have the normal ‘high’ associated with THC cannabis. However, terpene infused CBD crystals supply you with a calming feeling that helps to rid your mind of stress, worry and anxiety. That relaxed feeling is totally unique to CBD, and with premium products, it can feel even more effective. The non-intoxicating element of CBD crystals allows you to be fully functional while staying in a more peaceful state of mind.,Whether you’re a CBD beginner or intermediate, delving into the world of terpene infused CBD crystals could have a massive impact on your mind. Make sure to buy from a premium brand and open yourself up to the world of CBD concentrates.