Endoscopic Brow Lift

No one likes to age or appear as if they are aging. One common tell tale sign of aging is the drooping/sagging of the skin on the forehead and eyebrow. When the skin around the temple, forehead, and eyebrow sag, even just slightly, it gives a person a tired, sad, and sometimes even mad look. Since our eyebrows tend to tell people what mood we are in, the look of the drooping eyebrow can be deceiving. Even people who have practiced facial exercises their whole life may experience this aging affect.,Although your age cannot be reversed, thankfully the look of aging can be with an endoscopic brow lift. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin injections will not give you the desired look you want for very long. They are instead a band-aid or a quick fix for a problem that needs an experienced plastic surgeon. For the eyebrow and the skin around it to truly be fixed, it needs to be repositioned through a simple surgery – the endoscopic brow lift.,Dr. Lorenc, a NYC plastic surgeon, is experienced in tightening the temple and eyebrow muscles, as well as repositioning the facial expression back to its natural position. While the endoscopic brow lift is considered a surgery, there need be no fear, for it is a very minor one. Dr. Lorenc makes only a minor incision to work. There will be a small scar, but it will be unseen because it will be hidden in your eyebrow, or just above the eyebrow. No one will be able to tell you had surgery! Since this surgery is minor, the downtime is minimal, if any. The healing is also quick and most patients can return to work the next day. You do not have to deal with questions or concerns about your exhaustion or sadness any longer.,This surgery not only helps you regain your youthful and rejuvenated look, but it also restores your eyebrow and eyebrow function back to where it should be naturally. Since Dr. Lorenc is an experienced plastic surgeon, his goal is to make you look like the best you possible. You will not look fake or constantly surprised after this surgery, which can sometimes happen after an inexperienced Botox or Dysport injection. People will comment on your new youthful appearance right away.,For women or men who have droopy eyebrows, there is a good chance they also have droopy or dark under eyes, as well. Dr. Lorenc is also experienced in those procedures to give you the overall youthful look that you desire and deserve. This plastic surgeon new york city is also experienced in weight loss surgery and non-invasive treatments and lasers. Lasers are a wonderful way to help remove age spots and smooth out wrinkles and crow’s feet. No matter what plastic surgeries you desire, Dr. Lorenc can help you achieve the look you have always wanted while looking natural and beautiful (or handsome for all the men out there).,You can find out more about NYC plastic surgeon on his website, www.lorenc.com. For more information on how you can schedule a consultation and get one step closer to the look you want to achieve, call Dr. Lorenc’s office at (212) 472-2900. He has convenient office locations in New York City, New York, South Hampton, New York, and Santa Rosa, California.