LASIK Questions – What to Ask Your LASIK Eye Surgeon Before the Procedure

Before you proceed with Dallas LASIK eye surgery, you are advised to research your chosen surgeon and the procedure. Since an important part of your body will be in someone else’s care, you need to feel absolutely comfortable with their capabilities. Almost all surgeons have fancy titles such as M.D, PhD and others; however, you must confirm that they are adequately qualified to offer their patients LASIK surgery.,Have You Performed Many Eye Surgeries?,Finding an eye doctor who has extensive experience is the ideal choice. A trustworthy surgeon will be happy to provide you with details of how many eye procedures they have performed in the past. It is recommended that you choose an eye surgeon who has performed at least 500 procedures, excluding surgeries that are mechanical, such as RK, ALK and AK.,How Many Years Have You Been Carrying Out These Procedures?,It is important to ask how long the eye doctor has been performing LASIK eye surgery. This is because, although a doctor may have met the threshold for the minimum amount of surgeries, you must have knowledge of the timeframe in which they were completed. Ideally, the procedures should have been conducted over a reasonable amount of time, such as 3 years.,What Type of LASIK Technology Does the Procedure Involve?,Technology is constantly progressing. It is important that the medical professional you have chosen uses the most advanced equipment and techniques. Enabling you to achieve the best possible outcome should be their goal. You should ask your doctor if they will use an IntraLASE Femtosecond Laser (IFS). This is an All-Laser method that is perfectly safe, gives greater precision and predictability. You must always ensure that the methods and tools used are approved by the FDA.,Do You Ever Decide not to Treat Some Refractive Patients?,Any good doctor should have, at some point, refused refractive candidates in their years of performing surgery. You want to choose a surgeon who is interested in safety and the proper care of their candidates. Not everyone can be a perfect candidate. Proper screening procedures can show that this type of procedure may not be the right answer.,What Expectations Should I Have in the Weeks Following the Surgery?,You should be notified of adverse side effects that may follow your LASIK eye surgery. The doctor is obligated to notify you that you could notice minor fluctuations, minor starbursting, minor halos and other side effects that are usually resolved in less than six months. Although it is possible that you could have 20/20 vision right after the surgery, your eye doctor shouldn t guarantee results such as these.,Can You Show Me Testimonials from Previous Patients of Yours?,Patients that have had a good experience are usually happy to offer their doctor a great testimonial or review of their experience. A reputable doctor like will be able to show you honest and genuine testimonials. Some doctors have them on their company website.,A surgeon who uses the finest equipment and can show you that they have extensive experience and training is the ideal choice for LASIK surgery.