How to Increase Your Metabolism

The key to hitting your fat loss goals, in terms of programming, is keeping
your metabolism roaring at all times.,If you think about it from the simplest perspective possible, the goal should be to raise your metabolism, temporarily, with a workout and then strive to keep it high for the next couple of days to come.  Below, you’ll see I’ve outlined and explained three easy steps to keep your metabolism high throughout each day:,Every MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) workout will naturally create EPOC, or have your body consume oxygen for days to come after a workout.  This creates a tendency towards a much higher metabolism for a few days, but your nutrition can make or break it.  It’s like feeding a fire with fuel or water.,Timing your nutrient intake refers to choosing the proper time of day to consume certain macro-nutrient groups, such as carbohydrates in the morning or after a workout.  You’ll clearly see an improvement in your ability to burn through carbs when you eat them at this time.,Also, nutrient timing refers to scheduling your workouts based upon what you ate that particular day.  For example, if you go off your scheduled dietary intake for the day, how will you respond?,Let’s say you ate a donut — high fat, high calories, and now you’re worried that you’ve ruined your low carb day. What do you do to cancel out this effect with your workout?,I’d suggest you do some super high intensity, short duration sprints or interval training to start your workout.  This will get your metabolism raging, and you’ll burn through many more of those carbs.  Then, when your cheat day comes, relax and enjoy.,This brings up the topic of strategic overfeeding.  Your body requires resets in hormonal levels related to processing food. When you go on a low calorie or low fat diet, your body rapidly diminishes its supply of leptin, which ultimately affects insulin levels, and this destroys your ‘dieting effect.’
Instead, consider strategically overfeeding to restore hormonal levels and you’ll see a greater and more consistent effect from your fat loss program.