Foldable exercise cycles – Advantages and How to Select

Exercise Cycles,With the economy under recession, nobody wants to dedicate a whole room of their apartment to exercise machines, whether they are exercise bikes or cross trainers.,A folding exercise bike delivers a workout experience similar to its non-foldable counterparts, while giving you the convenience of folding it up and storing in seconds. We have accumulated a list of a wide range of folding exercise bikes, so that it would be easy for you to purchase the right one.,Folding Recumbent Exercise Cycle versus Folding Upright Exercise Bike,Here we provide you with the pros and disadvantages of the two most common types of folding stationary bikes.,Recumbent Exercise Bikes are ideal for old people, who give a greater preference to comfort while exercising as opposed to an intense workout exercise.,If you are in the market for a roadside bike version of an exercise machine and are expected to have intense workouts, then a folding upright exercise bike should be your pick. For old folks with back problems, recumbent bikes are the best bet due to their comfort and support.,Resistance Options – Magnetic and Manual,Each of the above mentioned folding exercise bike comes with one of the two options for resistance offered to the peddling power. These are manual resistance and magnetic resistance adjustment.,Other points to note,Bikes come in various models, some are foldable and others are not. The most important difference between them is their weight.,You would definitely not be moving a heavy recumbent bike which is not foldable! But if you consider a foldable bike, you would find them lighter and easy to move about.,Some folding exercise bikes clunk, whereas others can be folded quite smoothly. Go to the shop and look up different models to see which one you find the most convenient for you.,It all depends on how compact the bike is when it is folded. Different bikes fold in different ways, so the space required also varies with each bike.,Comfort also varies from person to person. Care must be taken when buying the cycle to find out if it is right for your height and weight.,Normally a 115 kgs maximum weight threshold is the international standard. If you are over this, you should contact the seller so that they can provide you with a cycle that is right for your weight class.