Walking on stilts a new sportswear

Walking, jumping or running on stilts has become the latest trend in sports. With jumping stilts can reach two meters or walk over 40 km / h. Human turned into kangaroos do not want to be at ground level.,What had always been done on wooden sticks and used primarily for the theater, acrobatics, art or work in places where it was necessary to be at a height above floor normal, now known by the name of Bocking or Powerbocking and is done in the most innovative and revolutionary stilts made ​​of aluminum and fiberglass with super strong structures that guarantee flexibility, excellent cushioning, plus bring protection for the knees among other features.,The Powerbocking is a sport in which the person operates a vehicle or engine stilts serving as without the help of the human machine does not work by itself, the person puts his stilts, and must hold the balance, it is recommended to help someone when they’re new in practice, the shank is embedded with kneepads, however it is also recommended the use of helmets and gloves, as in the case of a fall the first thing tends to put down is the hands. A sport considered extreme but can be run by people of all ages, many people simply used to walking or jogging, while others more daring jumps and do tricks practiced physically demanding .,To the fans of this sport are known by the name of Powerbocks after its inventor, the German Alexander Böck, who launched the first model of stilts, which are the current material. The stilts have been called powerisers , although many argue the term for what they claim is a trademark and in other countries other than Germany usually take the name of the most popular brand, for example in the southern hemisphere are called kangaroo boots, by the resemblance to the legs of an animal.,This innovative vehicle that serves to practice Powerbocking not use any fuel. Walking with stilts or Powerbocking is a sport that aims to overcome obstacles, jump, run and try all kinds of movements or just walk. This work is done because it combines mind-body physical activity with the skill, coordination and concentration. It helps the person to control more of your body and space. The ideal is to do in the open and without much hindrance, although some forms of acrobatics prefer rough surfaces and obstacles to test the ability to run competitively.,Many people in the Powerbocking world practice just for fun and so have a good time with their friends or their families, the costs of these jumping stilts are varied, depending on the brand and material in which they were created.