What Causes Eyelash Loss?

The beauty of long eyelashes has long been admired even as far back as the times of Cleopatra. That’s why it’s no wonder that from the mascara made out of kohl, dung, water and honey by ancient Egyptian women, there are now tons of eyelash growth products meant to keep eyelashes dramatically long and beautiful.,However, not all eyelash enhancers can remedy women’s problems when it comes to eyelashes such as eyelash loss. What exactly can cause such problem?,Mites,Yes, contrary to what you know, there’s a specific type of mites that don’t thrive in furniture but in human pores and hair follicles. Called demodex folliculorum, these mites typically settle on the roots of eyelashes. When too many of them inhabit a single follicle, inflammation and infection can occur and cause the eyelashes to fall out. This type of condition needs immediate attention of a physician.,Thyroid Disorders,Irregular thyroid functions can affect the growth of hair in a human person, including his/her eyelashes. Hypothyroidism which is the decreased function of the thyroid glands can cause small clumps of eyelashes to fall out. People suffering from such thyroid disorder can seek medical treatment which can result in the reduction of eyelash loss.,Cosmetic Products,Although cosmetic products are meant to enhance one’s facial features including the eyelashes, allergic reactions to certain types of eyelash products such as mascara can contribute to eyelash loss. Waterproof mascara which can’t be removed easily can also result in eyelash loss during the eyelash washing process. Moreover, heavy coats of mascara left overnight may also cause eyelash loss since they tend to weigh down the eyelashes.,To avoid these problems, you must avoid rubbing the eyes when you’re wearing mascara, switch to non-waterproof mascara and use hypoallergenic eye makeup products.,Aging,Along with other effects of aging is the reduction in hair growth including eyelashes.,Side Effects of Certain Drugs,There are certain prescription drugs that can treat specific ailments but cause eyelashes to fall out as a side effect. These include Soriatane, Neotigason, and Aciterin which all used to treat psoriasis and other skin disorders.,Eyelid and Eyelash Trauma,Eyelash loss can be caused by excessive rubbing and plucking. People with the compulsive disorder Trichotillomania tend to spontaneously pull out hair, eyelash, eyebrow and more. Such disorder can be remedied through habit reversal training where the individual is trained to recognize such impulses and control them.