Slow gym: A quieter alternative to care

The Slow gym is a new type of physical training that is characterized by deliberate and slow movements that lead a person to balance the mind and body, allowing a less aggressive and dynamic than other exercises, maintaining good physical health and mental.,One of the main objectives of Slow gym is to work muscles deeply, obtaining a proper degree of tension in each movement and the person making permeate each expression you have with your body through exercise, to feel and sense every move.,Like many modern alternatives in terms of physical activity is concerned, the slow gym seeks balance between mind and body, praising the slowness, as an effective method to achieve this goal. These are exercises that, by design, allow not only the care of the body but also the self-knowledge, anti-stress serves and benefits the quality of life as the person who finds lost harmony and stress in the case of having it.,For Accordingly, the Slow gym presents an excellent alternative to care in a calm, without much effort, no sweating and muscle aches without hours of exercise because of heavy and demanding.,This gym slow, as its name translated in Spanish, has gained acceptance in the world of fitness, especially for those who are not taught to choreographed movements accelerated and who are not able or do not like working with machines.,Apparently, the gym Slow emerged as a combination of different disciplines such as yoga, stretching and eutony, so methods that bind to a harmonious development of intelligent and sensitive stretch, achieved by slow movements that allow for complete relaxation, release and postural balance. The person who trained in this way tends to be more aware of exercise and as you practice gradually do feel like harder and more intense.,Usually people do not have enough time to spend hours on a bike, or trotting for long paths, also during the day work and study, and end up exhausted and tired, so what I want is to do another physical activity that makes them more tired and worn finish.,Today, they prefer activities in which they can exercise your body and at the same time relax, unwind noise, breathing in peace and release all the energy during the day made ‚Äč‚Äčthem feel fatigued. Slow gym is presented as a real alternative , quiet, modern and efficient, which luckily is being implemented in fitness centers around the world.