Denture Implants and Teeth in a Day

This is how the Teeth in a Day process works. This can be a complex procedure,for many dentists so we have simplified it here to make it clear and easy to,understand.,Step 1 – Initial Consultation,You come to the practice for an initial consultation. At this meeting your,requirements are discussed along with what it is that you are not happy with,about your smile. The options will then be made apparent to let you know if you,are suitable for the teeth in a day process or whether another process would,work best for you.,The dentist should then provide you with a full written treatment plan before,you commit to anything.,Step 2 – First Impressions,Some impressions of your existing teeth are taken so that the laboratory can,have a replica of your mouth. We then carry out a first round of diagnostics on,this model to work out the best place for your new teeth and to assess how your,top and bottom teeth meet. This may or may not be the same as your existing,teeth- it depends on how much of a change you would like or need.,Step 3 – Bite Assessment,You visit the practice again to check out this diagnostic ‘bite block’ and it is,adjusted to ensure you are happy with the result. We will then also take another,more accurate impression so that we can progress to the nest stage of,diagnostics.,Step 4 – New Teeth Mock Up,Depending on how many teeth you currently have, and whether we are removing them,or not, we will then produce a mock up of how you will finally look. You may be,able to try this mock up in.,Step 5 – Teeth in a Day,You come to the practice, any standing teeth that require removing are extracted,and we place your new implants. We will then fit your new teeth in a day to,these implants.,For people WITH an existing denture,If you have no existing teeth and have a denture that you currently like, as,far as cosmetics go, then we can use this denture and ‘fix’ them in for you.,This option works well if the denture is in good condition and bites well,against your opposing teeth, many patients like this option as it maintains,their appearance, but totally stabilises the denture so that it does not rock,around or wobble any longer.,If you so wish, a new denture can be made at a later date, or you could convert,the denture to a new fixed implant bridge.,For people WITHOUT an existing denture,If you have no denture, or a denture that you are not happy with, then we can,make you a new one as part of the Teeth in a Day process. If this is the,preferred option for you we will have a completely free reign to design your,denture how you would like it to look – here are a few options:,(the older we get the yellower our teeth get), the teeth are not uniform in,colour and will have some natural and slight rotations to them.,uniform in appearance. The teeth will also be totally straight and,completely in line.,We can also make your new dentures anywhere between these looks and we’ll be,sure to show you some examples before we start so that you can see what each,look is like.,For people that wish/need to keep some existing teeth,Many people in this situation either have an existing partial denture, although,many others simply live life with missing teeth. Having missing teeth is not a,great option as the surrounding and opposing teeth will have the tendency to,’fall’ in to this space creating problems in the future.,If you will be keeping some of your teeth we can make a partial denture in a day,for you that is supported by new dental implants.,For people that wish/need to have all existing teeth removed,If this is you then we will make a new fixed bridge for you to wear as soon as,you leave the practice. The good news is that this type of patient is often the,one that benefits the most from treatment as you start the day with old, broken,down and possibly loose teeth, and go to be that night with a new full set of,great looking and rock solid teeth – a truly dramatic and life transformational,change.,Unbelievably this is the same patient that came to see us for,dental implants,teeth in a day.,He arrives at 0900 in the morning and looked like this. Then by 2pm the same day,he left the practice with his brand new teeth – all in the same day. He truly,ended his day that day with a smile!,