An Overview Of RA In Children

People often fail to understand that children too can suffer from arthritis. The problem is that parents and teachers don’t know how to treat them. Rheumatoid Arthritis, also referred as RA, is a chronic disease that damages joints of the body making them painful and swollen. In fact, the damage is caused by the body’s response to the immune system. The inflammation leads to pain, swelling and tenderness. If inflammation is not cured properly in the early stages it can affect the lungs, eyes, and other organs long-term.,It is said that 1 out of every 1000 children has rheumatoid arthritis. But in most cases children have mild symptoms compared to adults, especially the elderly. Many children get acute inflammation that leads to viral or bacterial infection. A child can suffer from this disease from infancy to the age of sixteen. Mostly, children get this disease at the age of two to twelve. It has been observed, that girls have more chances of getting this disease as compared to boys. Children suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are affected with less growth of the bones. Due to this, overall health of the children is affected and they don’t actively participate in sports and other physical activities. Growth can resume when the disease is controlled.,The symptoms can vary in every child on a daily basis. A child can suffer from joint stiffness one day, and might not be able to move comfortably. In many cases, the symptoms of the disease are not apparent. It is because the damage is done internally, and others cannot see the signs. The height of such a child is less than average, and shows signs of stiffness in walking.,If your child is suffering from this painful disease you must motivate him to go for regular therapy sessions. The pediatrician will suggest some exercises that are useful for mobility of joints, and helps to reduce swelling around the joints and other areas. The treatment is necessary from the health point of view, and helps to restore confidence so that the children can participate in all activities. There are many medications for the treatment that can be given to the children to ease the pain. There are many medicines that can reduce the inflammation. The doctor can suggest the dosage of medicines for children to give them some relief If, there is no improvement after six weeks, you must consult the doctor.