Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Newsletter Available Online

As a part of its ongoing commitment to provide patients and their families with as much information as possible, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center recently made back issues of its seasonal newsletter available online. The drug treatment center has maintained their website at and included a newsletter for several years. Until recently, the easiest way to obtain copies of the newsletter was by signing up to receive it via mail, or email. “We decided that it would be even better to provide access to prior issues too,” says Karen Cox, Director of Business Development at Palmetto.,There has been a signup link for the Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center newsletter on the site since April of this year. Upon signing up for the newsletter, interested parties receive new issues as they are released. However, the signup process does not provide copies of older issues of the newsletter. “Each issue contains a lot of very interesting and useful information,” adds Ms. Cox. “This isn’t the type of newsletter that loses relevance after a few months.” A new link has been placed on the main website below the signup link, and it leads to a page where people can access back issues of the newsletter.,Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center believes that the information that is contained in the newsletter is useful to referral sources, current clients and their families. Those who have just learned about Palmetto can learn more about the center by checking out the newsletter as well. The front page of each newsletter includes an “In This Issue” section that gives a brief, at-a-glance overview of what is featured in the issue. Physician spotlights are popular features, and columns by Palmetto alumni are also often included in the newsletter. Advice articles appear from time to time as well.,It is easy to access past issues of the Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center newsletter through the site. After clicking on the link, which is on the left-hand side of the main page, there is a list of all previous issues. By clicking on the issue that is wanted, a person can download it in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required in order to read the newsletter, which is provided free of charge. “At Palmetto, we’re always looking for ways to provide our referral sources, patients and their families with as much information as possible,” says Karen Cox. “We’re confident that providing online access to past issues of the newsletter is a step in the right direction.”,For more information about Palmetto Center’s rehabilitation programs and facilities please visit,CONTACT DETAILS,Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center,Darren Davis,86 Palmetto Road,Rayville, Louisiana 71269,1-800-203-6612,