Hair Thinning-Hair Grow Fast

Hair thinning is loss of hair exceeding the normal limit of about a 100 strands daily. It is caused due to a number of reasons namely, hereditary factors, stress, illness, medication and poor diet. This problem can be treated by using home remedies which have no side effects, are natural and easily affordable. Hair fall can be treated by applying the white portion of a raw egg for about half an hour and then shampooing it off. A hot oil massage with olive oil for a few minutes followed by a rinse with shampoo is also very helpful.,When the problem is due to dandruff, it can be cured by applying to the scalp, a mixture of juices of lemon and amla. The mixture would help to keep dandruff under control. Stress also causes hair loss. Stress and tension levels must be kept in control. Where lack of nutrition is the root cause of the problem, eating plenty of leafy vegetables will be very nutritious. Soya milk and tablets containing multivitamins must be taken when one does not have a healthy breakfast daily.,Hair thinning can be reduced by using remedies for making hair grow faster. Hair on the head grows averagely at the rate of about 0.5mm daily. The factors affecting growth rate are genetic, diet followed, lifestyle and the age of a person. It is made up of protein and one of the most important home remedies to accelerate growth is to follow a diet which contains plenty of protein-rich foods like fish, eggs, etc. Other protein rich products are milk products, liver, sprouts, beans and yoghurt. Tofu consists of soy protein which is also helpful.,Vitamin supplements or fresh food containing the vitamins should be a part of the daily diet because hair reflects the overall health of a person and its nourishment is equally important for its growth. Hair can grow faster with the help of regular massages with hot oil that helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp. It stops growing at the split ends hence; it must be trimmed, every few weeks to remove the split ends and hair that has become dry. It should not be blow dried and should be washed preferably only once a week with cold water to avoid the damage caused by hot water and usage of harsh shampoos. Exercising daily, drinking a good amount of water and sleeping well helps to make it healthy.