Are You Imprisoned In Your Mind

The mind is such a powerful and fundamental tool at our disposal that so many aren’t even aware nor able to grasp the fundamental truth so near at their finger tip.,The mind is the greatest tool that man has been blessed with upon his sojourn on earth and it is supposed, I repeat supposed to be a handy man and a means to an end for man to handle any and all the challenges and problems that man maybe thrown at in the course of his life experiences.,Yet again man isn’t fully aware of this amazing yet simple truth that is available to him. He is so caught up and totally wrapped up in the schemes and mechanics of his mind that he is lost to the real person inside – his real reality and true essence.,Why?,He think and believes that he is his mind!,Everything that is thrown at him he accepts, hook line and sinker and believes he is the thinker of the thoughts. He doesn’t even stop for a moment to even take a step back ask himself if he really the one bringing forth these thoughts or someone or something else within himself.,He is totally so wrapped up in his play acting and being in a semi state of reality where he thinks he is in control but in reality, he is not in control of anything. Neither his life nor reality for his choices in thoughts, words and actions.,This whole thing then begets the question – are you imprisoned by your mind? The one tool that should be a helper and a servant to you the master and controller.,This creates the obvious reality in the world all around us where so many aren’t even aware that they are conditioned and controlled and ultimately imprisoned in their own minds.,They slumber on carrying out their daily activities which they think yet again is their own doing and conscious thought, but do not realize that it is till yet a part of their subconscious programming that has been set in place and motion from childhood.,We are conditioned and programmed to wake up in the morning and go through our usual routine of everyday life and at night, close our eyes in sleep and rest and to awaken the next day to the same routine, practically the same thing for the rest of our lives.,How many of us are even aware of the fact that we haven’t really consciously chosen our life the way it is and that all that we think is normal routine is unconscious subconscious programming that has been set in place from past lives to the present one and to childhood.,In childhood we are trained and conditioned to observe, follow and mimic people and their actions and suppose and believe, that this is the way things should be.,We assume that since its family and loved ones that whatever they do is the right way of life and the right thing to do and as such imprint that into our mind over and over and over again until it becomes a solid core belief and starts working out as a reality in your life.,Even when these actions are wrong and morally incorrect, who is there to guide you and show you that such is wrong and can only lead to destruction and fatality?,Take the case of children who are born into homes where domestic violence is the norm and the order of the day and they actually witness their mothers and sister and other females being brutalized, who is there to show these young ones that this act is born of fear and anger and not love.,Who is there to show them that love embraces all and only acts in the best interest of all its beloved and can suffer and endures all things for them and for their sake?,Nobody is or nobody cares enough!,So the child registers this in his subconscious and it becomes a belief and habit and as he continuously and constantly observes more and more of this scenario in his life, his belief grows more and more that this is the way to be and the way of life.,His subconscious takes up this view of reality and starts manifesting it in his life when the time comes after it has solidified over years of silently and unconsciously cementing it for subsequent manifestation in his life.,When these cycles then manifest and play out in his life later as a reality, society labels him and gives him names that are erroneously incorrect haven forgotten the roles played my family and loved ones in perpetuating this sad reality.,He is humiliated, disgraced, embarrassed and subjected to trial and subsequent imprisonment without a fair hearing that is unbiased and free of criticism and resentment.,They forget that he is just a victim of circumstances and failed parenting and is subsequently imprisoned in his mind as he believes he is acting in the right way and would uphold this view no matter what and defend himself as best as he can.,If people and the society at large would but take a moment to critically review this case and see things objectively and from the standpoint of the whole, rather than in parts that the law courts always have cases involved in, they would marvel and be less critical and condemning of these people.,They would realize that society failed them as custodians of the law to train them into responsible citizens, guidance to guide them in making the right choices and understanding that in life you have a choice but are not oblivious of the consequences associated with whatever choice or choices made.,The family unit as a whole also has the responsibility of pointing the child in the right direction so that the he understands what he is doing and can make the right choice confidently.,But alas society has yet to understand that crimes of passion and most cases of domestic violence are actually people imprisoned in their own minds and guided by their subconscious programming from childhood which they haven’t outgrown.,In most cases, it is false and wrong images they carry in their mind from childhood, that no-one has taken the time to help them correct and which they grow with into adulthood believing such to be true and the right choice.,In closing, i believe the wisdom below will serve you in life:,“Thank you God, for this beautiful day today. Help me to always see your love reflected in each and every moment, no matter how challenging life may be. Remind me to always look to my heart for the LESSONS and BLESSINGS in life”.,Jean Voice Dart!,These words of Inspirations from the enlightened ones will serve you even more:,“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being”.,Hafiz,“Within you is the light of a thousand suns, within you is unimaginable beauty”.,Robert Adam,“Don’t you know it yet, it is your light that illuminates the worlds”.,Rumi,“I am the light of the world. You are the light of the world”.,Jesus,“Your heart is the light of the world, don’t cover it with your mind”.,Mooji,Taking responsibility and recognizing that we cause all of our core issues is not a reality for most people.,Taking responsibility to see life differently without justification, judgement and blame, rejection or anxiety, fear or anger would really help you in the long run.,Every condition, disease or disorder is a spiritual condition that has come up for review and to be dealt with and taken care of. Once the lesson is truly learnt and absorbed, the conditions or situation reverses itself and clears out and that’s when we say a healing has occurred and a miracle has happened.,Every problem preludes a negative thought and mindset so watch your thoughts and emotions carefully and guard them jealously.,Nothing can stop you if you have the courage, commitment and the discipline to move through your limitations.,‘Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love’,The purpose of life is to discover who you really are, know and create yourself and experience yourself as who you really are (not the body that houses you) as a part of the divine source to give and receive love and serve all creatures of the divine.,As long as you don’t or you refuse to see yourself as a victim then life becomes a challenge that you can overcome with commitment and consistent work and it will pay you back handsomely.,A lesson you avoided in a past life will be forwarded to the current life until you get the lesson right or understood the reason for it. Each time the lesson is more intense, than the last experience until you recognize it.,This is an interactive universe where we all work together in each other’s lessons and life whether we want it or not or whether we are aware of it or not.,Our fears always surface when we least expect it and when it does, its better to face the lesson and conquer it.,You can take back control of your life and drive it the way you would rather want it to be and have things and have things the way you want it to be.,It takes taking responsibility for all the wrongs that have happened in your life because whether you agree or not, you are held responsible for all your:,Nobody wants to listen to your cry of wolf or denial or victim mentality and it won’t take you far except you sit still, take stock of your life and determine and desire to turn it around and that’s where and when the answers or solutions come in.,If and when you are now truly ready to take back control and look out for the patterns and lessons in your life to understand the mind aberrations that are causing your problems and have taken control of your life.,That’s when the creative centers open within and you can finally have the tools to help you change the course of your life and manifest your destiny.,To succeed in life, you must refuse to see yourself as a loser no matter what the prevailing situation or condition might be and you evaluate what you can do to succeed.,The most important qualities are self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence and that you understand that you are entitled to abundance in your life.,You can do anything you want to and be anything you want to, provided you believe that it is possible.,Victims do not hold that belief!,So ask yourself – are you a victim?,Sometimes a little help from a Therapist or Mental Health Consultant like myself and a host of others can help guide you on this journey into an amazing life that is yours and yours only.