The Book Disrupting the Diet Industry

The Body Love Manual is a revolutionary book that offers a proven approach to losing weight, naturally and pleasurably, without dieting or deprivation. In this multiple award winning book, you will learn how to eat in harmony with your physical appetites rather than your emotional appetites (i.e. stress, depression, overwhelm) for gradual and sustainable weight loss. It is a “mindful” eating path to weight loss, which has been researched and recommended by the most recognized and respected obesity think tanks worldwide.,Ready to enjoy eating again, guilt free? Ready to make peace with food? Ready to free yourself from yo yo dieting and the frustration that comes with regaining the weight after suffering through yet another restrictive program? Then this is the book for you.,In The Body Love Manual you’ll learn that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to achieve your natural weight. Rather you will learn the skill of managing the intense emotions that instigate the “binge” eating patterns that lead to excess weight.,This book is based on 20 years of independent research by the author who suffered from and overcame her own battle with 65 pounds of excess weight and a 13 year eating disorder. She has kept that weight off for over 25 years, with ease, through this joyful approach to food. Now she teaches others how to do the same through worldwide lectures, one on one coaching and her groundbreaking online program, The Mindful Eating Method.,The Body Love Manual teaches you how to overcome the negative and stress inducing voice of your ‘inner critic” that creates upsetting emotional states that lure you into toxic overeating habits. Once the ‘negative voice’ is silenced, weight loss becomes much easier and more enjoyable. With compassion and firsthand experience, the author teaches you how to heal the wounds that have disconnected you from your body … and yourself … for good.,This book is set to disrupt the diet industry which has contributed to the obesity pandemic and tragically led millions of innocent people into self destructive eating habits.,Need extra support? As an added bonus the “manual” offers a thirty day partnership program which assists the reader and a chosen partner in “teaming up” to more rapidly make the transition away from compulsive overeating towards eating in synchronicity with their true physical appetites.